Tring Park CC - 1st XI Vs Slough CC - 1st XI

Type League: Home Counties Premier Cricket League - Division 1 2017Rules TypeStandard
Ground Tring Park CCDate Saturday 5th August 2017
Toss Tring Park CC - 1st XI won the toss and elected to fieldStart Time 11:00
Highlights: Equal scores draw - rule 3.0 "scores level in a drawn match" applies. Play-Cricket does not support points model in use for HCPCL so -2 penalty points are awarded to avoid batting/bowling point anomaly in event of equal positions

Result Summary

Result :    Normal draw
Tring Park CC - 1st XISlough CC - 1st XI
Score197 for 9 (43.0 overs) 197 for 9 (51.0 overs)
Game Points33
Penalty Points-20
Batting Points22
Bowling Points49
Total Points1114

Slough CC - 1st XI


NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
Shazad Rana†ct Luke Coleman-Ohrynowskyb  Shelvin Gumbs242051
Nabil Shahct Charlie Macdonellb  Shelvin Gumbs141027
Mohammed Avaslbwb  Michael Payne294053
Lloyd Paternottst Stephen Dutchb  Michael Payne496155
Daniyal Akhtarct Michael Payneb  Charlie Macdonell321155
Feroz Baigb  Michael Payne5009
Zohaib Ahmedct Shelvin Gumbsb  Charlie Macdonell250134
Zaheer Sher*ct Sam Mastersb  Charlie Macdonell3008
Steven Greennot out2009
Ikhlaq Nawazct Shelvin Gumbsb  Charlie Macdonell0001
Ali Akbar Rajanot out5005
Extrasb (8), nb (1)9
* = Captain, † = Wicket KeeperOvers51.0

Fall of Wickets :

24-1 Nabil Shah (Shazad Rana-10*); 43-2 Shazad Rana (Mohammed Avas-5*); 95-3 Mohammed Avas (Lloyd Paternott-24*); 141-4 Lloyd Paternott (Daniyal Akhtar-20*); 151-5 Feroz Baig (Daniyal Akhtar-25*); 171-6 Daniyal Akhtar (Zohaib Ahmed-11*); 186-7 Zaheer Sher (Zohaib Ahmed-22*); 190-8 Zohaib Ahmed (Steven Green-1*); 191-9 Ikhlaq Nawaz (Steven Green-1*); 
* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Simon Stanway13.0334000
Shelvin Gumbs12.0052200
Kamran Shah5.0025001
Michael Payne13.0245300
Charlie Macdonell8.0033400
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets80

Tring Park CC - 1st XI


NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
Liam Goughct Shazad Ranab  Ikhlaq Nawaz1005
Andrew Dixonct Nabil Shahb  Steven Green407073
Charlie Macdonellb  Zohaib Ahmed152026
Michael Paynelbwb  Ikhlaq Nawaz153025
Luke Coleman-Ohrynowskyrun out (Lloyd Paternott)571173
Shelvin Gumbs*b  Zaheer Sher342132
Sam Mastersb  Steven Green222025
Kamran Shahct Ikhlaq Nawazb  Zaheer Sher1002
Rory Criddlerun out (Ikhlaq Nawaz)0000
Stephen Dutch†not out0000
Simon Stanwaynot out2001
Extrasb (4), lb (2), nb (4)10
* = Captain, † = Wicket KeeperOvers43.0

Fall of Wickets :

2-1 Liam Gough (Andrew Dixon-1*); 27-2 Charlie Macdonell (Andrew Dixon-9*); 48-3 Michael Payne (Andrew Dixon-13*); 81-4 Andrew Dixon (Luke Coleman-Ohrynowsky-5*); 141-5 Shelvin Gumbs (Luke Coleman-Ohrynowsky-26*); 176-6 Sam Masters (Luke Coleman-Ohrynowsky-39*); 189-7 Kamran Shah (Luke Coleman-Ohrynowsky-51*); 194-8 Rory Criddle (Luke Coleman-Ohrynowsky-56*); 195-9 Luke Coleman-Ohrynowsky (Stephen Dutch-0*); 
* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Ikhlaq Nawaz11.0333200
Zohaib Ahmed9.0241104
Ali Akbar Raja8.0133000
Steven Green10.0054200
Zaheer Sher5.0030200
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets62

Match Officials

UmpiresDavid Browne, Steve Harris
ScorersToby Davidson, Elroy Hull